EIT Health at Blodomloppet 2017

17-18 May 2017 you can meet EIT Health during the 2-day events surrounding Blodomloppet. the street race encouraging physical activity and blood donation, that last year gathered 13 000 joggers in Uppsala.

Blodomloppet (The circulatory system) is an annual race, filling the streets of Uppsala with thousands of joggers. The 2017 race will take place at Thursday, May 18, and the organizers aim to surpass last years recordbreaking 13 000 participants. With main focus to encourage blood donation and physical activity, EIT Health and Uppsala University will take active part in the 2-day events surrounding the race.

In the afternoon of May 17 at Akademiska sjukhusets Grönwallsalen (entrance 70), Erik Ståhl, Blodomloppet Superambassador 2017, will give a lecture. A short introduction will be given by Niklas Dahl, professor in medical genetics and genomics, Uppsala University. At the doors the audience can meet representatives for EIT Health at Uppsala University to learn more on the paneuropean initiative.

In the evening of May 18 at Studenternas IP, Uppsala University will have a tent where students of medicine and pharmacy will interact with runners and their audience to inform about issues related to physical activity, health, specific diseases and conditions and the importance of donating blood and plasma. Representatives for EIT Health will also be present to inform about current and upcoming initiatives for a healthier future.

– Our plan is to repeat the activities at the Blodomloppet race in Visby, Gotland in September and at Stockholm’s Midnattsloppet. We are receiving full financial and administrative support from EIT Health at European and Scandinavian level, which we appreciate very much, and we hope to expand and develop the activities during 2018, says Catharina Svensson, EIT Health Campus Coordinator at Uppsala University.

EIT Health participation in the events surrounding Blodomloppetas is part of the EIT Health CAMPUS Citizen Programme.

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