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Your future workplace - EIT Health Innovation Day 2017

Take part in creating your future workplace and win a trip to an international student based workshop in London.

Uppsala University hereby announces the 2nd annual EIT Health Innovation Day. December 1. This day is a collaboration between Drivhuset, Uppsala municipality and Uppsala Region to boost your innovational spirit to create the most attractive workplace. Something you will do during one day together with fellow students and a selection of public actors and private companies.

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Where:     Östgöta nation, Uppsala
When:      December 1, 2017, 9am to 5pm & a networking event between 5-7 pm
Who:        All students (Priority to all achieving bachelor/masterdegree 2018).
Program: Innovation Day 2017

A professional jury will announce three winning solutions between 5:30 pm and 6pm during a Innovation day networking mingle, 5pm to 7pm. The mingle will be free of charge for all students attending Innovation day.

In the evening of December 7 the three winning teams will get the opertunity to meet with representatives from Uppsala Kommun and the region of Uppsala. A meeting where these teams can present their case-solution and discuss the opportunity to test their ideas. This meeting will be prepared at a workshop December 4 (evening) where the memebers of the winning teams will be trained in pitching and introduced to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Uppsala.

Furthermore, every student attending the innovation Day 2017 will have the chance to win one out of two availble tickets to the EIT Health Alumni Workshop in London, on the 7th of December. Travel costs, food and accommodation are included for two students from Uppsala University, 6-7th Dec. A trip where you can further engage with your innovative spirit and network with other active students from all over Europe.

Key words for EIT Health Innovation Day are innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration for a sustainable and healthy future. A task that requires knowledge and joined forces from all disciplines educated at Uppsala University, yours included!

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This is EIT Health Innovation Day

A one-day challenge, where you will get the opportunity to work across faculty and program boundaries to create solutions to a real case delivered from Uppsala kommun. And at the same time learn “Design thinking” a formal method developed at Stanford university to find creative solutions to real needs in the society.

The theme of Innovation Day 2017 is ”Your future workplace”. No prior experience is needed and you will be divided into a team. Participation is for free and lighter lunch and fika will be served.

Don’t miss the chance to get new skills in a interactive and fun way and at the same you will contribute to improve life in Uppsala, Sweden and Europe.

The ideas will be evaluated by a professional jury and the winning teams will be provided the oppertunity to get professional training in pitching  and network with the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Uppsala, evening December 4. December 7 these teams are also provided the opertunity to meet with representatives of the municipality and the region of Uppsala to pitch thier solution for an attractive workplace and discuss the oppertunity to move their idea in to a test bed in our city.

For every student attending the Innovation Day 2017 at Uppsala it is also possible to win a ticket to to travel to a workshop in London to meet peers from EIT Health Innovation Days held across Europe. In total are two ticket availble, i.e. two students from EIT Health Innovation Day Uppsala can win one ticket each to atend the workshop in London. The aim of the workshop is for students across Europe to meet and brainstorm innovative ideas how EIT Health can support you/EIT Health alumni along the EIT Health innovation pathway.  For the winning students; accomodation in Central London, on the 6th of Dec 2017, meals, and fights will be paid for.

This is in it for You

  • Boost your innovational and entrepreneurial spirit - Learn a method to go from a need to a solution.
  • Share the experiences, possibilities, and practical innovation tools of experts from academia, organizations and companies.
  • Interact with students from other disciplines to design solutions for a community need-based challenge – The three best ideas will be selected and published on www.uu.se/eithealth.
  • The winning team will be rewarded with an oppertunity to get professional training in pitching and network with the Uppsala Innovation ecosystem as well as meet with the leaders of our city in the municipality and the region to present thier ideas and discuss the possibleity to move these ideas in to test beds.
  • Travel to an international workshop in London, December 7, to meet fellow Innovation Day students from other univerities in Europe.

This is Our Goal

The overall goal of the EIT Health Innovation day is part of a long-term strategy to increase the interaction between academic education and the public sector and industry. To stimulate early engagement in health-related issues - regardless study subjects - participating students will enhance their awareness of needs for global development. Public and private partners are also invited to participate and interact by presenting health-related needs, coaching and future work experience opportunities. Innovation Day is happening at several different locations around Europe on the same day.