And the winners of Innovation Day are…


EIT Health Innovation Day 2016 at Uppsala University is over and the jury has announced what teams will receive coaching and support to take their ideas into further development.

The premiere of EIT Health Innovation Day at Uppsala University resulted in many creative ideas on how to handle a few of the many challenges faced by the health sector. The jury had a delicate task in choosing the winning ideas, but finally a decision could be made. And the winning teams are…

Challenge A

Winning team:
Nelman Senarathne
Laura Wiegand
Emelie Jennerheim

Idea: In order to help young people find their way to a healthier lifestyle society needs to educate them in how their lifestyle affect blood sugar levels. Then follow up – in a competitive moment – which youths make the most of their new knowledge.

Jurys motivation The team has an innovative solution which increases the awerness in a fun and competetive way. The team makes it real and the teenagers like it!

See winning pitch

Challenge B

Winning team:
Nadezda Cistjanora
Matilda Lewander
Thapelo Mabale
Elona Mece

Idea: Inspire senior citizens to maintain a healthy lifestyle by motivating them to stay active and continue contributing their knowledge to society for as long as possible.

Jurys motivation The pitch was clear and attention catching, provided personal contact, activities based on personal interest and daily care with high potential for implementation

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Challenge C

Winning  team:
Michael van Rantwijk
Marcus Enegard
Jakob Nyberg
Cheng Xi
Sarah Kok

Idea: Establish meeting places providing education and inspiration for employers and disabled people in order to help the latter obtain employment.

Jurys motivation Well understood and defined problem, identified needs of both target groups and employer. Offered a wide spectrum of services.

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Challenge  D

Winning team:
Christopher Fratta Borjes
Sheng Leslie Joevenller
Christina Stelzl
Terez Wejdemar
Victoria Wiebols

Idea: Ease integration between native swedes and immigrants by creating digital platforms in order to start common activities by matching mutual skills and interests.

Jurys motivation The team is creating an innovative way to create incentive for swedish people and imagrants to meet by matching thier skills.

See winning pitch

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