Innovation Day attracted creative students


Creativity, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship was in focus when EIT Health and Uppsala University invited to Innovation Day - a new meeting place where students and society together take on the challenges facing the health sector.

It is the afternoon of November 18th. Over the entrance of Uppsala’s sports palace Fyrishov two huge flags announce EIT Health Innovation Day, a new interdisciplinary forum where students, the public and private and public actors are invited to work together to find solutions to some of the many challenges facing the health sector. This premiere takes place parallel in six selected university cities, from Oxford in the southwest to Uppsala in the north-east. If the day is successful the ambition is that the format will grow and become a recurring event.
– So far everything is going perfect. All are dedicated, the talks are creative and the event runs smoothly. This is the first time we arrange Innovation Day and we see openings for future development of the university chooses to take the concept further, says project leader Lina Sors Emilsson.

EIT Health has rapidly established itself as the engine of the work to improve health, quality of life and care for the population of Europe. Uppsala University has, as one of nearly 130 partners, committed in full and currently holds a prominent position within the focus area Education - which combined with Innovation and Business Creation will generate new ideas for a sustainable future.
– Our educational programmes have a well-functioning network to build on, which of course is a success factor in a European project that requires international cooperation. Our ambition was to implement three EIT Health activities in 2016, and after the courses Healthcare Innovation and Innovation Game, here we are in Fyrishov and has every reason to feel proud, says Catharina Svensson, coordinator of EIT Health Campus Activities at Uppsala University.

At the tables vivid discussions are crossing educational and age boundaries. Representatives of different community groups are explaining the needs they perceive, students reason how these can be managed and the end of the day, a jury will distinguish the best solutions and the winners will be offered coaching and support organized by UU Innovation and Drivhuset to take their ideas further into Uppsala’s innovation environment.
– Innovation Day gives us students a great opportunity to meet and learn from each other. We need to complement each other's skills to create a functioning whole of society and to combine different technologies in ways that will enable us to continue our journey, says Morgan Karlander, student of engineering.

– 2016 has been a fantastic year within the EIT Health. It has required great efforts of all involved, but our Campus Work has made clear impact. I am already experiencing how teachers and students linked to EIT Health communicate better across faculty boundaries, and I am confident that we will soon be seeing similar developments in our research activities. The foundation is now laid for the future and our business has every chance to take an even more prominent place at Uppsala University, says Catharina Svensson.

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