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EIT Health Bootcamp: LaunchLab 2017 is your chance to test the business potential of your health-tech startup ideas – and to launch in markets all over Europe. NOTE: Registrations for 2017 is now closed!

EIT Health is always looking out for promising health-tech startups, and this time we are gearing up to kick off EIT Health Bootcamp: LaunchLab, an awesome program for health-tech startups all over Europe.

This is a unique two-month opportunity that allows aspiring health entrepreneurs to discover the business potential of their health-tech ideas. The program helps participants to explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – and to launch in many european markets.

If you are or know a team of business professionals, students, PhDs, engineers and scientists who want to test the commercial feasibility of their health-tech idea? Then the EIT Health LaunchLab is your place to be this summer.

The structure of the EIT Health LaunchLab is:

  • Eight-week programme will start 5 September 2017 in Delft, Netherlands, within the EIT Health Belgium/Netherlands Co-Location Centre incubator.
  • Regular weekly sessions are held in Delft.
  • Halfway through the programme, participants will begin a 14-day road trip; investigating the market potential in other countries like Belgium, Sweden and Germany.

NOTE: Registrations for 2017 is now closed!

Learn more at https://www.eithealth.eu/accelerator/launchlab

Contact & Information: Moa Fransson, UU Innovation

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