Run4Health to speed up healthy self management


Run4Health is a new public outreach-activity aiming to increase awareness on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The project will receive full financial and administrative support from EIT Health.

After the successful participation at the Blodomloppet street race in Uppsala (SWE) May 18 – where students of medicine and pharmacy interacted with runners and their audience to inform about issues related to physical activity – EIT Health have confirmed their future financial and administrative support to Run4Health, a Swedish-Danish joint venture aiming to further expand and develop this new public outreach-activity.

Catharina Svensson

 – Sitting has become the new smoking, and many people are refractory to information about the importance of breaking unhealthy habits to increase the chances of a long and healthy life. Within the Run4Health-concept we aim to integrate students, citizens and the public and private sector in an effort to bridge knowledge barriers, achieve empowerment of a healthy self management and solve health-related challenges, says Catharina Svensson, EIT Health Campus Coordinator at Uppsala University.

The chain of events will take off with an interdisciplinary training course where students of medicine, psychology, food science etc will interact with aspiring innovators. The learning process will be coached by researchers working on Patient & Public Involvement (PPI), teachers of Inter-Professional Learning (IPL) and experienced entrepreneurs.
– This will give us the opportunity to teach and promote the importance of PPI while enhancing the students abilities to develop solutions to real life health-challenges and also providing networks within the health care sector that will prepare them for life beyond the academy, says Catharina Svensson.

With the aim of crafting a successful outreach activity, the next step involves increasing public awareness and motivation about healthy living. By also providing examples of innovative solutions for better health, hopes are this will inspire the citizens to further involvement and feeding back needs and challenges that pose hinders to a healthy life style and individualized health care.
– While shaping the structure for the training course we will follow up our participation at the Blodomloppet in Uppsala, with outreach activities at street races in Visby, Stockholm and Copenhagen, all of which are large city events gathering populations that are likely willing to learn more about how to manage own health and to contribute with experiences and ideas, concludes Catharina Svensson.

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