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Stockholm3 wins EIT Innovators Award


Stockholm3, the new prostate cancer-detecting blood test, was awarded the €50,000 EIT Innovators Award at Budapests INNOVEIT conference.

Martin Steinberg with EIT Innovators Award

This years EIT Innovators Award – recognizing innovation teams developing a product or service with a high potential for societal and economic impact – has been awarded Stockholm3, the new prostate cancer-detecting blood test.
– The Stockholm3 test allows us to find prostate cancer earlier, increasing detection with 20 percent and reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies by 50 percent with severe sideeffects such as sepsis, impotence and incontinence, says Martin Steinberg, project manager at Karolinska Institutet.

In choosing Stockholm3, for the prestigeous award the jury declared that the product “demonstrates uniqueness and originality ... and clearly addresses a market need in the medical field that potentially affects millions of individuals. The innovation has been tested and validated, and the expected societal and economic impact has the potential to be very high.”
– EIT Health has been a catalyst for this project, and with their support we are accelerating the implementation of Stockholm3, which has the potential to save 500,000 men from unnecessary treatments if implemented broadly in Europe. This award is very important to us, showing that we are on the right track and that what we are doing is important for Europe as a whole, says Martin Steinberg.

The award was given out in Budapest at the INNOVEIT conference, a key European innovation forum.

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