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Submit your challenge for Wild Card projects


Researchers at Uppsala University, now is your chance to contribute to the future direction of healthcare innovation supported by EIT Health. Submit your challenge for Wild Card projects no later than November 10th, 2017.

Researchers at Uppsala University are now invited to submit proposals for challenges that will be addressed by EIT Health new Wild Card projects – a new type of highly innovative EIT Health projects, expected to involve above-average risk and less-predictable results. If successful, they can potentially yield a major breakthrough in a healthcare or prevention-related area.

An important part of Wild Card projects is that they are intended to address challenges established by EIT Health Partners. Authors who contribute to the challenges will be involved in the selection of the talent from within the EIT Health ecosystem to participate in the projects and will also have an opportunity to collaborate with the winning team working on the challenge.

Submit your proposal using the Powerpoint template below to krister.halldin@uadm.uu.se no later than November 10 and visit your local EIT Health representative at BMC A2:1 November 13, 1–2 PM to further discuss your proposal.

Download Powerpoint template to submit proposal

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