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Innovation Day attracts international interest


Just a moment ... Lina Sors Emilsson, project manager for the EIT Health Innovation Day that December 1 gathered students and representatives of Uppsala Municipality and Uppsala Region aiming to create ideas for the job market of the future.

Innovation Day 2017 at Östgöta Nation

Your thoughts on EIT Health Innovation Day 2017?
– We are extremely pleased! Nearly 80 participants came to Östgöta Nation, everyone contributed enthusiastically to the challenges formulated by the Uppsala kommun and Region Uppsala, and the day offered exactly the kind of creative meetings, discussions and ideas we hoped for.

How will you proceed with the ideas?
– The challenges were to make the Uppsala kommun and Uppsala Region even more attractive employers for young university graduates and to make the Karl Johansgårdarna nursing home the most attractive workplace of the future – and discussions in both cases focused on the importance of young people's awareness of these workplaces, and above all the importance of human interaction, participation and development of skills. Next, three of the student teams will meet again with Uppsala kommun and Region Uppsala to see if their ideas can be implemented.

You also attracted long-distance visitors?
– We arranged our first EIT Health Innovation Day in November 2016, which brought interest far beyond our region. This year we welcomed representatives from Barcelona and Tartu, who wanted to experience Innovation Day in person, and when they left Uppsala, it was with the explicit ambition to establish the concept in their home countries as soon as possible.

How will you develop EIT Health Innovation Day in Uppsala?
– We have already made numerous important improvements since 2016, including scaling down the format into a more intimate environment better suited for the interdisciplinary conversations we seek. The closer cooperation with Uppsala kommun and Region Uppsala, who also had about twenty employees participating at the tables, was also a big progress. We now have a functional structure for future Innovation Days, but it would be great if we could attract more "usual" Uppsala citizens to participate in the conversations.

What happens next in Uppsala University’s engagement in EIT Health activities?
– In the Campus pillar, we give priority to interdisciplinary initiatives that show students the power and synergies that arise when different competences interact, and now preparations begin for our spring courses Health Innovation - An Interdisciplinary Approach and Att möta hälsoutmaningar med medborgarmedverkan och interprofessionell samverkan, as well as our Summer School Innovation Game.

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