“EIT Health offers major resources and a unique European network”


Just a moment ... Krister Halldin and Titti Ekegren, project coordinators at the office for Medicine and Pharmacy, who assisted Peter Bergsten, Professor at Uppsala University, being granted 3 000 000 SEK in EIT Health innovation funding.

Krister Halldin and Titti Ekegren, project coordinators

What makes EIT Health innovation funding so important?
In addition to major financial resources, EIT Health offers a unique European network containing expertise in business development and education. Uppsala University being an active partner enables all our researchers to apply for funding with at least one non-academic partner within the EIT Health consortium.

What more is required to be eligible for EIT Health Innovation funding?
With focus on innovations, it is important that the basic research is done and that the project has obvious potential to evolve in a product or service with clear social benefits.

What is the first step for a researcher with a fitting idea?
- Anyone planning or just wanting to know more about seeking funding from EIT Health can contact the Research Support Unit at the office for Medicine and Pharmacy. The EIT Health 2019 Call for Innovation Projects is already open, and the sooner we get involved, the better support we can offer.

What service do you provide?
Together with UU Innovation we provide support in planning the application, forming a project group, budget calculations and the report phase. Being an EIT Health-partner, we work close to those who manage the calls and projects, meaning that we can also provide good support and guidance throughout the project.

What happens next?
Friday, January 26th, an open information meeting about the EIT Health 2019 call for innovation projects will be organized, attended by Andy Browning, former EIT Health Director for Innovation Projects. All researchers at Uppsala University are welcome to the Segerstedthuset, room Tuvstarren, and we hope to greet as many as possible!

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