Mission & core values

Uppsala universitets mål och strategier

This is Uppsala University

Uppsala University will

  • gain and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of humankind and for a better world.
  • be a local, national and international meeting place for knowledge, culture and critical dialogue.
  • develop new areas of knowledge through cross-disciplinary cooperation.
  • be an integrated educational and research environment.
  • be open to the outside world.
  • contribute to achieving sustainable solutions to the challenges facing society.
  • have a working environment and leadership characterised by openness, responsibility and trust.
  • have an ethical attitude and approach, and activities characterised by equal opportunities

World-leading research

Bold goals demand perseverance and the courage to venture along new paths. Uppsala University stands behind the search for knowledge in order to contribute to human knowledge and global development. Research should take on the major challenges facing society as well as purely scientific questions. The University in all its breadth provides unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and new combinations. The ability to attract and to create good working conditions for skilled academic staff is the most important factor for the University’s success in the international academic community.

Objectives and strategies for world-leading research

First-class education

Education at Uppsala University is characterised by its association with research. Students acquire up-to-date knowledge as well as the skills and capacity for independent and critical thinking. Highly qualified teaching staff is responsible for the pedagogical quality of education and for ensuring that the education we offer is grounded in scientific and scholarly progress. Together, teachers and students take shared responsibility for creating learning environments characterised by active student participation and engagement. Education at the Master’s level is distinguished by specialised, in-depth teaching and is strategically important in terms of increasing international recruitment of students and for recruitment of students to doctoral programmes.

Doctoral students are instrumental to the long-term development of universities as well as the public and private sectors. They make significant contributions to the University’s research. The education offered in our doctoral programmes gives students the competence and skills to conduct research independently, enables a deep understanding of the subject area, fosters proficiency in disseminating knowledge and enables the learning of others.

Objectives and strategies for first-class education

Attaining excellence and benefiting society

Uppsala University’s endeavour to combine academic excellence with providing benefit to society will be grounded in integrity, collegiality, quality and openness. Freedom in education and research will be safeguarded by a collegial system of decision-making and clear leadership in all parts of the organisation.

Well-functioning workplaces are essential to enable the University to conduct world-leading research and provide first-class education. Uppsala University will be an inspiring environment in which every employee and student is able to develop personally, professionally and academically, where a diversity of experience and individual initiatives are nurtured. Cultural heritage, academic traditions and an active student life are important parts of our educational environment.

Education and research will be developed in open dialogue and multi-faceted cooperation with the wider community. Successful cooperation is based on trust in the University as an independent and impartial knowledge organisation and takes its point of departure in the University’s academic integrity. Our staff will conduct and develop cooperation with professional support in the fields of innovation, communication and different forms of contact with society.

Objectives and strategies for attaining excellence and benefiting society

areas of Development in Focus

Uppsala University’s mission and core values stake out the direction for the University’s continued development. A few focus areas are especially important to develop further in order to reach the ambitious goals set for research, education and benefit to society.