The University

Uppsala University’s mission and core values

Uppsala University will

  • gain and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of humankind and for a better world.
  • be a local, national and international meeting place for knowledge, culture and critical dialogue.
  • develop new areas of knowledge through cross-disciplinary cooperation.
  • be an integrated educational and research environment.
  • be open to the outside world.
  • contribute to achieving sustainable solutions to the challenges facing society.
  • have a working environment and leadership characterised by openness, responsibility and trust.
  • have an ethical attitude and approach, and activities characterised by equal opportunities

World-leading research

Our research should take on the major challenges facing society as well as purely scientific questions. The University in all its breadth provides unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and new combinations.

First-class education

Education at Uppsala University is characterised by its association with research. Students acquire up-to-date knowledge as well as the skills and capacity for independent and critical thinking.

Attaining excellence and benefiting society

Uppsala University’s endeavour to combine academic excellence with providing benefit to society will be grounded in integrity, collegiality, quality and openness. Education and research will be developed in open dialogue and multi-faceted cooperation with the wider community.

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