Course evaluation

Guidelines and recommendations

Course evaluations at Uppsala University are regulated in the guidelines adopted by the Vice-Chancellor. The recommendations, entitled ʻCourse Evaluations and other Educational Evaluations: Part of Quality Work’, provide some starting points for the work, and also advice and suggestions.

Course evaluation seminars

Uppsala University holds course evaluation seminars attended by course directors, teachers, course administrators and students. These seminars cover such topics as guidelines and recommendations, formative and summative course evaluations and implementation. Seminars are also implemented on the function of course evaluation contained in the Student Portal system of study administration.

Course evaluations, question bank and course reports

To support work on evaluating courses, sample course evaluations that the University’s teachers may be inspired by have been compiled. Course evaluation support also includes a Question Bank, with questions designed for the purpose of course evaluation. In this bank, teachers can retrieve questions and create their own course evaluations. The Question Bank is also available in the function of course evaluation in the University’s Student Portal system of study administration. Fictive course reports also exist, as examples and for inspiration.

For more information, contact Maria Wolters or Maria Björnermark.

Course evaluations in the student portal

In the University’s Student Portal system of study administration, there is a special module of course evaluation. This has been adapted to the University’s guidelines for course evaluations, and also allows various ways of working at department level.

The module contains templates and collections of questions that are accessible to all teachers, but it is also possible to work on modified templates and questions and to create them entirely from scratch. A special system of eligibility for the course evaluation module enables the departments to allocate responsibility for drawing up and summarising the course evaluations in various ways. Some departments have, for example, opted to employ students or assistants to carry out the summaries.

For the concluding course report, a simple template is provided. New students can be shown course reports from previous courses, and this demonstrates the quality work that is continuously in progress.