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Evaluation of research

New research evaluation - Q&R17

In 2016–17 a new ‘Quality and Renewal’ research evaluation (Kvalitet och förnyelse, KoF17) is taking place at Uppsala University. Its overall purpose is to analyse preconditions and processes for high-quality research and its strategic renewal. An analysis of this kind raises awareness of what should actively be preserved in the research environment and what should be developed further or modified. The long-term purpose is broadly the same as in previous research evaluations, i.e. to enhance quality in the University’s academic activities by generating documentation for focused support and strategic decisions, but this time with particular emphasis on strengthening processes that drive quality processes in the University’s research environments. These environments are to be given the opportunity of further developing their systematic quality work through feedback.

As in earlier research evaluations, this one will comprise self-evaluations, bibliometric analyses and external reviews. A new feature this time is that a written survey addressing teachers and PhD students, focusing on the internal life of the research environments, is being carried out. Along with the bibliometric analysis, the questionnaire responses will serve as a basis for the self-evaluation work. Another innovation this time is that the evaluation also includes reflection on the connection between research and education at all levels, and also between research and collaboration.

As a basis for a new research evaluation at Uppsala University, a survey of how research evaluations are perceived by those concerned was conducted. A report was (ʻProcesses for Improved Research Quality’) issued, to follow up the Quality and Renewal evaluations of 2007 and 2011 and presenting proposals for a possible new research evaluation.

For more information, contact Camilla Maandi.

Quality and renewal, 2007 and 2011

In 2006/07, Uppsala University carried out its first self-initiated university-wide research evaluation: Quality and Renewal, 2007 (KoF07). In 2010/11, a second evaluation, Quality and Renewal, 2011 (KoF11), was implemented.

The purpose and aim of these evaluations were to:

  • survey the strengths of, and successful research groupings in, the University’s academic activities
  • facilitate renewal by identifying budding and potential new research specialities with great development potential
  • boost quality by means of documentation for focused support and strategic decisions
  • (for KoF11, to follow up how recommendations and conclusions from KoF07 were dealt with at various levels in the University).

The various parts of the evaluations consisted of self-evaluation, a bibliometric analysis and visits from international expert panels.

For more information, contact Camilla Maandi.