Quality assurance

New learning spaces at Uppsala University

The educational environment on campus is under constant development to meet the University’s needs and demands. New premises are planned and under construction. Existing premises are being renovated and adapted to improve functionality. The aim of all ongoing projects is to offer stimulating environments that are fit for purpose, stimulating, and that other elements of the University find necessary, useful and suitable.

The physical features and design of teaching premises may restrict teachers from developing their lectures in the directions they wish, but may also inspire them to try out new methods of teaching! Access to rooms in which equipment and technical resources can be adapted for various educational scenarios and facilitate collaboration and forms of teaching that activate students, for example, are also a key quality factor in the teaching.

Active Learning Classrooms

In Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs), the students work in groups, sitting at round tables. Results can easily be displayed to everyone on screens around the room, which in turn leads to comparative discussions and analyses. This basic concept, which originates from American universities, can then be varied in many different ways, as shown in this video.

In conjunction with the ALC (Rum för aktivt lärande) symposium, an ALC — the first of its kind in Sweden — was set up at the Ångström Laboratory in 2014.

Humanist theatre

Uppsala University is setting up a Humanist Theatre and Centre for the Humanities in the English Park Campus in Uppsala. The vision is for the Humanist Theatre to be a boundless arena for education and innovation, with discussion of the humanities as its starting point and the human being as a thinking, creating individual at its centre.

The Theatre has a horseshoe-shaped seating area accommodating some 140 people. This invites dialogue not only between speaker and audience, but also among attendees in the auditorium and those taking part via digital channels on the 32-square-metre screen. The room has gently rounded corners and is characterised by the large display screen, also slightly curved in shape.


The University Library’s many sections contain reading areas in silent rooms, but also spaces for group work. One example is Reading Room C in Carolina Rediviva which has been converted from a conventional reading room into a more open area with ample space for students and researchers to sit down to collaborate and have discussions.

In early 2016, the Law Library is also moving into new premises. The new Library site will be able to better accommodate group studies, and there will also be other types of reading areas, including tables of adjustable height.

The Munken block

After a period of renovations, the Faculty of Law opened its new premises in the Munken Block in autumn 2015. This complex, located in central Uppsala, comprises three buildings adapted to the Faculty’s needs. One major advantage for both students and staff is that the Faculty is now no longer dispersed across five different locations in the city.