Quality assurance

What is a development project?

A university is positioned in the middle of the swirling currents of change of the modern world. In order to follow and understand significant changes, assist teachers in developing and adapting their teaching, and adapt any activities arranged jointly with students, the educational developers employed at Uppsala University both initiate and participate in various development projects.

Peer mentoring

The ’Peer mentoring‘ project is rooted in the peer mentorship process, an important assignment within the Academic Teacher Training course for teaching staff. How does peer learning occur when an experienced teacher and an (often) less experienced junior colleague meet, and how can this be described? What does the peer mentorship process signify for the professional development of both mentor and course participant as teachers in higher education? These are two of the project´s core questions.

The project goal is partly to be able to both describe and gain better understanding of the mentor and course participant experience of the process, and partly to study if other possible forms of peer learning and feedback, especially with observation visits and increased student participation, can be developed on a University-wide scale and/or on departmental or faculty level.

For more information, please contact Ulrike Schnaas or Peter Reinholdsson

International Perspectives in Teaching and Learning

Workshops for advancing international aspects in teaching and learning within the U4 network.

The unit for Academic Teaching and Learning contributes to the U4 co-operation network, which connects the universities of Groningen, Göttingen, Ghent and Uppsala, to support mobile students and teachers working in increasingly international learning environments. Educational developers from Uppsala and Göttingen arrange workshops for staff from the four network partners in order to expand knowledge about the opportunities that arise in international and multicultural classrooms. You can learn more about the workshop series and the U4 network on the network’s own website. The workshops and resulting knowledge exchange has generated contributions to international development conferences and strengthened the collaboration between Uppsala University and our European partners regarding quality enhancement.