Quality assurance


Uppsala University has published a series of reports and other publications on various aspects of quality efforts in educational development, including e-learning, leadership development, and the University’s evaluation work.
A few examples are presented below.

THE ART OF Assessment

In October 2015, the Division for Quality Enhancement published ‘The Art of Assessment’ (Konsten att examinera). The report presents a range of examples of examination procedures from various courses at Uppsala University. Most examples relate to the appraisal of learning objectives that are often perceived as relatively difficult to assess, such as oral skills, and social and ethical aspects.


Through the Bologna Process, the advanced level of European higher education was introduced at Swedish universities in 2007. New one- and two-year Master’s level programmes were started, while existing study programmes were remodelled to fit into the new structure. Now, some time has passed since the first group of students completed these programmes, graduated and entered the labour market. How have these alumni fared? What do they think of their educational experience in retrospect? What challenges do one- and two-year Master’s courses present? These are a few of the questions addressed in the report on a study of the first new Master’s graduates, ‘First Out’ Först ut.


Head over Heels: Seventeen Women Researchers' Thoughts on Shoes is a collection of essays about the most commonplace objects, the ones we walk and stand in, and our whole weight rests on: shoes.

The authors are all researchers and teachers at Uppsala University who have attended a leadership programme for women. They represent numerous different academic disciplines, but have all had the experience that both levity and depth are required to elevate academic work. Breeziness is required to send thoughts flying off in unexpected directions, while seriousness is required to concentrate thinking on a single point. Creativity and knowledge, humour and gravity, imagination and experience are all necessary components. Writing a book about shoes, entirely in earnest but somewhat tongue in cheek, is one example.

You can buy the anthology, Head over Heels: Seventeen Women Researchers' Thoughts on Shoes, at the Museum Gustavianum shop.