Incoming exchange students

Uppsala University has a wealth of information for students considering an exchange, or for those who have already been formally nominated by a partner university. If you have applied for and been accepted to an exchange by a partner university, and your university has officially contacted the coordinator at Uppsala regarding your exchange, then you are "nominated".

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Exchange agreements

If you are interested in coming to study an exchange period at Uppsala University the single most important question you can ask is: "Is there an exchange agreement with my university?". The only way that you can participate in an exchange is if there is an official agreement. Uppsala University does not accept students outside of these agreements. Many universities around the world, in addition to their exchange programs, have programs whereby students can undertake studies outside of specific exchange agreements. We do not have such an arrangement at Uppsala. If your university does not have an agreement with Uppsala you should talk to your own international office about what other universities your university has agreements with, or about developing an agreement with Uppsala. If this is not possible you may wish to consider studying one of our many Master's programs taught in English after you have completed your Bachelor's degree.

Find out if your university has an agreement with Uppsala University, and whether it is a departmental or university wide agreement.

Uppsala University also offers exchange scholarship opportunities for students from certain regions through the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2) scholarship programmes. Erasmus Mundus students do not necessarily need to study at a university with an exchange agreement with Uppsala University.

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If your university has a "departmental" exchange with Uppsala, you may courses from within the specific department that has the exchange agreement. You can find information about what courses are available at your department at your department's website (see "Departments at Uppsala University" at the end of this page).

Still can't find what you are looking for? Contact the coordinator for your exchange at Uppsala University. See "Finding your exchange coordinator" at the end of this page.

If your university has a so called "general" or "university wide" exchange agreement, then you are able to choose courses from a variety of different departments. See the Courses for Exchange Students section for more information about courses available for exchange students.


Once you have found some interesting courses it is time to start thinking about whether you can get credit for these courses at your home university. The Swedish "Higher Education Points" are exactly equivalent to ECTS credits - that is, you take 30 points per semester. Read through the course descriptions, check the prerequisites and discuss your options with your study counsellor at home. You will find more information about how to map your courses in the application form or from your future department at Uppsala University.

Swedish language courses

All exchange students have the chance to study a course in basic Swedish for free:a course worth 7.5 ECTS and runs every semester. This course is part time and designed to be taken parallel with your regular studies. Application takes place on arrival. For more information about the content of the Basic Swedish courses, see the Department of Scandinavian Languages.

If you are not a formal exchange student, or for some reason have different demands of a course in Swedish (you may wish to have a more intensive pace, different learning environment/application etc) you may wish to consult, which is a website with a very good section about learning the Swedish language.


After you have been nominated by your home university it is time to get started filling in application forms! Note: Many of Uppsala University's exchange agreements are departmental agreements. Check with your coordinator at home if there is an application form for your specific department. Individual departments may also have their own deadlines. It is extremely important that you check with your home university if your agreement is a departmental agreement, or if it is a general, university wide agreement. The information that follows is only guaranteed to be relevant for general, university wide agreements.

International Office

Many departments have their own international coordinators, and some of the larger departments may even have their own international office. If you are coming to Uppsala University on a departmental exchange then you will likely have most of your contact with your exchange coordinator at the department. Contact your exchange coordinator to find out more about what hours they are available. 

More information

Do you want more information about going on exchange to Uppsala? Your first port of call should be your home university, either the exchange officer at your department or the international office. After you've found out what you need to do to go on exchange from your home university, you may wish to find out more from Uppsala.

Finding your exchange coordinator at Uppsala

Check out our list of partner universities. Find your university by selecting your continent, then finding your country and your university. Click on your university. You will then see a list of all of the exchange agreements Uppsala University has with your university. Find the right subject area, take note of the name of the coordinator the click on the coordinator to come to the staff search engine. Contact that coordinator for more information.

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