We welcome students from South Korea!

We have over 4000 international students on campus studying for a PhD, a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree or spending a semester here as exchange students.

In 2018 we had applications from 162 different countries. Since nationality for our students is not registered in our systems we don’t know how many students from South Korea we currently have. However, we do know that in 2018 we had 44 applicants from South Korea for our Master’s programmes. 

Services in South Korea

It is perfectly possible to make an application on your own but if you should want some assistance or advice, you are welcome to contact our project manager at the Swedish Embassy who will be happy to help you.

Jiwon Yoon

Project manager -Study in Sweden
Embassy of Sweden
Danam Tower, 8th Fl, 10 Sowol-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Entry requirements into Maser's programmes for students from South Korea

  • A 4 year Bachelor's degree (Haksa) of 120-140 credits is required for entry into Master’s programmes.
  • A 5 year Bachelor degree's in Architecture
  • A Bachelor's degree in Dentistry, Medicine or Oriental Medicine. 6 year minimum until graduation year 2007. After that, 7 years of studies is required.


If an applicant completed a 4 year Bachelor's programme in a shorter time, for example, after 3 years, this must be evident from the documentation.

English requirements

The following criteria will fulfil the English general requirements for applicants who have their Bachelor education from South Korea:

  • A Bachelor's degree from universities where English is the only language of instruction. We check this information on World Higher Education Database.
  • When it is clearly stated on the transcript or diploma that the only language of instruction for this applicant has been English. Note: separate documentation of any kind is not accepted.

All other applicants are required to take IELTS/TOEFL test.


  • Bachelor Degree Diploma (unless applicant is in his/her last year, see below)
  • Transcripts for each year of study
  • If documentation is in Korean language, an officially certified translations must be submitted.
  • Applicants in their final year of Bachelor’s studies must provide a document stating that they are likely to be awarded the degree by the start of the Master's programme. This document must be issued through, and certified by, a member of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office, or the equivalent department at the applicants institution. Certification from other staff members, such as faculty or college staff members, will not be accepted.

Note: If documents are scanned and uploaded, make sure that relief stamps are visible.


Unsigned, computer generated documents must be sent via regular post to:

University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-106 53 Stockholm

Make sure you read carefully through the country-specific information for South Korea on www.universityadmissions.se:

South Korea