Master's studies

Payment of fees for prospective students

Tuition fees will be charged per semester. A full-time study load at Uppsala University is 30 credits per semester. Please note, if you intend to take more than 30 credits you will be required to pay additional tuition. The fee is based on price per credit and thus varies depending courses and programmes.

You will receive the first invoice when you have accepted the offer from University Admissions and after the second notification of selection results has been published. The invoice will be sent via email, so please check your contact information at and make sure they are correct. The payment must be received by Uppsala University by the date stated on the invoice.

You must pay the tuition fee by the deadlines set by Uppsala University. The fee for coming semesters must be paid one semester at a time, one month before the semester starts. If you fail to pay the tuition fee you will be put on academic suspension. If you participate in exchange programmes via Uppsala University you are liable to pay full tuition fee to Uppsala University for your studies abroad. 

Payment of the tuition fee can be made by bank transfer or credit card. Uppsala University accepts VISA and MasterCard. Please note that it can take up to a week to receive a confirmation of payment.

If you have received an invoice but wish to decline the offer of admission please notify your programme coordinator and send an email to the address given on the invoice.

Payment methods

Paying by credit/debit card

Uppsala University students can pay their tuition fees online through the following webpage: Pay-Online.

Please use the details found in the invoice that you receive by email when paying by credit/debit card.

Paying by bank transfer

Please follow these steps to make the payment:

  • Inform your bank that you wish to transfer the sum stated on the invoice. Uppsala University's bank account details can be found at the bottom of the invoice.
  • Inform your bank that the payment must be received by Uppsala University by the due date given on the invoice.
  • It is important that the invoice number is included in the payment. This is your personal reference number and without it we cannot match the payment with your student record.
  • Please note that we receive the funds in SEK, and that you are responsible for paying all fees associated with this transfer. Uppsala University only accepts small differences due to rate changes.

Paying with your Swedish bank account by Plusgiro or Bankgiro

Students with a bank account in Sweden can pay the tuition fee using the same method as when paying other bills. Please indicate your invoice number when paying via Plusgiro/Bankgiro.

Reimbursement of tuition fees

Tuition for the first semester has to be received by Uppsala University by the dates stated on the invoice.

The tuition fee will only be reimbursed:

  • for cancellation of studies caused by denial of a visa
  • if you have been conditionally admitted and do not meet the entry requirements (e.g. you have not been awarded you Bachelor's degree) by enrolment day

To apply for reimbursement of tuition students must submit a written statement together with supporting documents. Only certified copies of documents will be accepted. Send your application to Decisions regarding reimbursement will be made by the University Director following consultation with the heads of the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Registry and the office of the relevant department. The reimbursement process normally takes around one month.

Please note that Uppsala University does not grant reimbursement for financial reasons.

Change of payment status

If a student's residency status changes (e.g. they have been granted European citizenship or changed the type of residence permit) they must submit documents to Uppsala University that certifies the change. A change in status does not affect the tuition fee for the semester that has already commenced, i.e. no reimbursements are possible.

For matters regarding reimbursement or change of residency status, please send an email to

Information about tuition fees at Uppsala University (PDF)