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Local Perspectives on International Peacebuilding and State-building Interventions 2017/2018 (7.5 credits)

Autumn 2017 weeks 35-39 - 100 % - Campus

Application Deadline: 2017-04-18

Enrolment Code: UU-20505 Application

Language of Instruction: English

Location: Uppsala

Selection: Higher education credits

Entry Requirements: A Bachelor of Arts degree with at least 90 credits in courses in social sciences.


If you are not a citizen of a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you are required to pay application or tuition fees. Formal exchange students will be exempted from tuition fees, as well as the application fee. Read more about fees.

Application Fee: SEK 900

Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 12500

Tuition fee, total: SEK 12500

Please note: Students admitted to the Master Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies, Master Programme in Holocaust and Genocide Studies or the Master Programme in Political Science have priority to the course.

About the course:

How do local actors (e.g. elites, local communities or ex-combatants) perceive and react to international interventions to build peace after war? The aim of this course is to provide an alternative perspective on contemporary peace- and state-building processes, with the experiences and actions of local actors and groups in focus. Questions addressed include: Why is it so difficult to construct a functioning state in the aftermath of civil war? How do local elites govern without institutions?

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