Master’s studies

Syllabus for Biotechnology Project

Bioteknologiskt projekt

  • 10 credits
  • Course code: 1BG357
  • Education cycle: Second cycle
  • Main field(s) of study and in-depth level: Applied Biotechnology A1F
  • Grading system: Fail (U), 3, 4, 5
  • Established: 2008-10-30
  • Established by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Applies from: week 03, 2009
  • Entry requirements: Participation in Applied Biotechnology - Starting Course, 15 credits, and Structure and Function of Biomolecules, 10 credits.
  • Responsible department: Biology Education Centre

Learning outcomes

The overall goal of this course is to give students knowledge about how research projects are planned and initiated in biotechnological industry.

Students should after finished course:

  • Have gained practical experience in planning of projects and project management in biotechnological industry

  • Know how projects are planned and managed in different types of biotechnological industry

  • Have the ability to plan and carry out innovation projects in groups

  • Be able to identify relevant literature within specific research areas and critically analyse and summarise scientific articles

  • Be able to lead and summarise discussions during seminars

  • Be able to communicate biotechnological knowledge in writing, orally and in scientific figures


Lectures: Project management in biotechnological firms. Group dynamics. Basic scientific literature searches. Interview technique.

Group work: Biotechnological group work based on real problems identified in biotechnological firms. Performed in groups of 4-6 students per group. Each group will be connected to a supervisor from the company that identified the problem.

Sub project 1: Writing of a review article within the research field associated with the problem. The article is divided into different parts written individually by the students and the final article is a summary of these parts with a common introduction. Reports of the current status of the project are given to the supervisor. The supervisor and the course leader will review the finished product. Oral presentation during a final seminar.

Sub project 2: The group of students will interview company and university researchers within the research field. The interview is summarised into a report.

Sub project 3: Description of a hypothetical technical solution of the problem and writing of a technical synopsis for marketing personnel within the biotechnological firm.

Final report during a mini-symposium, the project will be presented orally and on posters. A final written report with all the material generated during the course will be produced


Guestlectures given by project leaders from different types of biotechnological firms, seminars and group work.


Participation in lectures, seminars and mini-symposium is obligatory. The produced work should be presented in a final report that will be defended at a mini-symposium. The final report should, if needed, be revised according to suggestions from the supervisor and comments given during the mini-symposium. The course leader will approve the report if it fulfils the required scientific quality. A pass grade requires participation in all obligatory parts, finished deliveries and presentations. Distribution of points: Sub project-1, 3 credits, Sub project-2 2 credits, Sub project-3 3 credits and final report 2 credits

Reading list

The reading list is missing. For further information, please contact the responsible department.