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Syllabus for Statistical Physics, Advanced Course

Statistisk fysik, fördjupningskurs


  • 10 credits
  • Course code: 1FA160
  • Education cycle: Second cycle
  • Main field(s) of study and in-depth level: Physics A1N
  • Grading system: Fail (U), 3, 4, 5
  • Established: 2011-03-10
  • Established by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Applies from: week 33, 2011
  • Entry requirements: 120 credits with Statistical Mechanics.
  • Responsible department: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the student should be able to understand and explain the use of advanced techniques in statistical mechanics. This includes:
1. The use of partition functions and their relation to path integrals.
2. The concept of phase transitions in simple models as well as the physics at or near critical points.
3. The renormalisation group and the flow to infrared fixed points.
4. Landau's Fermi-liquid theory.
5. BCS superconductivity


This course is intended as a continuing course in statistical physics where concepts from quantum field theory are applied. No advanced knowledge of quantum field theory is assumed. The course contents include: partition functions for several statistical mechanical models; models described by an interacting scalar field theory; Matsubara frequencies and finite temperature; critical points; spontaneous symmetry breaking and phase transitions; Landau Fermi liquid theory; BCS theory of superconductivity.
Topics may vary.




Written exam at the end of the course and/or hand in assignments during the course.

Reading list

Reading list

Applies from: week 36, 2011

  • Tsvelik, Alexei M. Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics

    2. ed.: Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2003

    Find in the library