Master’s studies

Syllabus for Degree Project E in Physics

Examensarbete E i fysik

  • 30 credits
  • Course code: 1FA598
  • Education cycle: Second cycle
  • Main field(s) of study and in-depth level: Physics A2E
  • Grading system: Fail (U), Pass (G)
  • Established: 2007-08-30
  • Established by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Revised: 2011-09-06
  • Revised by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Applies from: week 35, 2011
  • Entry requirements: A Bachelor's degree or equivalent and at least 30 credits in physics at Master's level. Courses required for each particular degree work must also be finished. Admission requires a project plan accepted by the department.
  • Responsible department: Department of Physics and Astronomy

Learning outcomes

After the course, the student should be able to

  • show a deep knowledge within the chosen field of physics

  • search and in a critical way interpret and compile relevant scientific literature

  • in a creative way delimit a scientific problem, plan a scientific study, choose appropriate methods, carry out the study, interpret and evaluate the results and, if applicable, generate falsifiable a hypotheses to explain the observations all within given time frames

  • present the results in correct language for different target groups both in scientific and in popular form

  • give constructive criticism on texts within the study field


An independent project is carried out, where the knowledge from earlier completed courses are applied. The project is guided by a supervisor in close connection to ongoing projects in research or development.

To achieve the objectives, the student shall

  • under supervision delimit a scientific problem, investigate it, interpret and evaluate the results and present the project in oral and written form

  • search, evaluate and compile information relevant for the chosen problem

  • actively participate in seminars and other activities at the department or company where the project is carried out

  • comment and give constructive criticism on another projects (opposition)


The teaching is devised individually dependent on the direction of the project. Supervision is provided individually or in group.


To pass, a passed oral and written presentation of the degree project is required. The written presentation should consist of a scientific report, a popular summary and a summary in English. To pass, the student must also act as opponent on another degree project within same main area or have participated actively at a research seminar.

Reading list

The reading list is missing. For further information, please contact the responsible department.