Bachelor Programme in Peace and Development Studies 2019/2020

Photo for Bachelor Programme in Peace and Development Studies 2019/2020

Are you interested in issues of peace and development? Do you wonder why people participate in armed conflicts? Or do you wonder what the main obstacles to sustainable democratic development are or how development and conflict resolution processes can be combined? If so, you should apply for the Bachelor Programme in Peace and Development Studies in Uppsala: an internationally oriented, interdisciplinary education in Peace and Conflict and Development Studies with a Political Science profile.

Why this programme?

The Bachelor Programme in Peace and Development Studies at Uppsala University provides basic theoretical and empirical knowledge and an opportunity to do internship. In the programme, you develop a deeper knowledge of the subject you choose to specialise in - peace and conflict studies or development studies. The courses in peace and conflict studies are taught at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, while development studies are taught at the Department of Government. This contributes to a political science profile on development studies, with a particular focus on political development and policy analysis.

Both specialisations focus on the processes that are central to peace, conflict and development. In this way, you develop a holistic view of these processes and how they affect each other. The aim is to give you nuanced analytical perspectives on peace and development processes in regional, national and international contexts. Irrespective of your choice of specialisation, you are free to choose elective courses that will constitute your remaining 60 credits.

If you are interested in languages, you can choose to study a language course or you can study a particular region or country. The idea is that you as a student, within a programme leading to a degree, will be able to select the profile of your choice for your education.

The programme also offers a one semester internship course, which is an opportunity to obtain valuable work experience.


The programme leads to a Bachelor of Social Science with Peace and Conflict Studies or Development Studies as the main field of study.


All students read both subjects together the first year (A-courses). Then you select which subject you wish to major in for your continued studies (B-and C-level):

  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Development Studies
You also select two semesters of elective courses. The internship course can be one of your elective courses.

The 180 credits of the programme are distributed accordingly:
  • Peace and Conflict Studies A, 30 credits
  • Development Studies A, 30 credits
  • Peace and Conflict Studies B+C or Development Studies B+C, 30+30 credits
  • Elective Courses, 60 credits

Courses within the programme

Peace and Conflict Studies A
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Research
Conflict Analysis
Peace and Security in the International System
Security Scenario Analysis

Peace and Conflict Studies B
Causes of Armed Conflict
Conflict Resolution
Methodology and Essay

Peace and Conflict Studies C
Analysing Arguments in Conflict Studies
Final Thesis

Development Studies A
Development, Democracy and Governance
Environment and Sustainable Development
Gender and Economic Development
Development and Armed Conflict

Development Studies B
Problems of Democracy
Development Policy in Practise

Development Studies C
Elective course
Final Thesis

Elective Courses in Development Studies C
Gender, Power and Institutions
International Politics
Comparative Politics
International Environment and Sustainability
(En)Gendering International Development

Programme specific course: the Internship Course (elective)

Learning experience

The programme is offered in Uppsala and teaching is mainly based on lectures and seminars. The number of lectures vary, but are as a rule between four and eight hours a week.

Some lectures will include guest speakers from organisations within the field. The rest of the time is dedicated to independent studies based on reading the course literature and preparing for seminars. You have the possibility to study most of the courses within the programme in English. If you choose to major in Peace and Conflict Studies, 90 credits, all courses are given in English. If you choose to major in Development Studies, 90 credits, some courses are given in Swedish and some in English (the entire A-course, "Development Policy in Practice" in the B-course and all elective courses in the C-course).

This means that you also get an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of professional spoken and written English in the fields of peace and development.

Upon completion of your Bachelor's thesis you can choose to do an internship semester. We will help you get in touch the relevant organisations or agencies in Sweden and internationally.


With a degree in Peace and Development Studies there are many exciting work opportunities.

First and foremost you have an international education that will enable you to seek employment around the world.

The programme not only gives you a broad understanding of issues concerning peace and development, it also gives you the necessary in-depth knowledge making it possible to obtain a job at international governmental organisations such as the EU or the UN, governmental organisations such as Sida or the Swedish Armed Forces or at non-governmental organisations such as the World Bank or Amnesty International.

Upon completion of th Bachelor's degree you can also apply to the Master's programmes that we offer.