Master’s studies

Outline for Master Programme in Physics

Masterprogram i fysik

Specialisation: Astronomy and Space Physics (Astronomi och rymdfysik)


If the number of students who want to attend the following courses are few, the courses might be cancelled or given with different teaching methods: 1FA211, 1FA255, 1FA587, 1FA256, 1FA350, 1TE694, 1FA227, 1FA563, 1FA564 and 1FA570.

Semester 1

Period 1

The course 1FA211 Observational Astrophysics II is only given in odd years.

Period 2

Semester 2

Period 3

Period 4

The course 1FA227 is only given in even years.

The course 1FA336 is only given in even years.

Degree project D is for the one-year Master's students.

Semester 3

See semester 1.

Semester 4

Other courses within the specialisation (any period):