Master’s studies

Outline for Master Programme in Physics

Masterprogram i fysik

Specialisation: Nuclear and Particle Physics (Kärn- och partikelfysik)


If the number of students who want to attend the following courses are few, the courses might be cancelled or given with different teaching methods: 1FA587, 1FA330, 1FA350, 1FA360, 1FA227, 1FA563, 1FA564 and 1FA570.

Semester 1

Period 1

Period 2

The course 1FA357 will be given only in odd years.

The course 1FA350 will be given only in even years.

Semester 2

Period 3

Period 4

The course 1FA227 will only be given in even years.

The course 1FA336 will be given only in odd years.

Degree project D is for the one-year Master's students.

Semester 3

See semester 1.

Period 2

Semester 4

Other optional courses within the specialisation (any period):