Complementary programme for pharmacists

If you have a foreign degree in pharmacy and want to work as a licensed pharmacist in Sweden, the complementary programme is a way of achieving a Swedish licence.

Uppsala University and University of Gothenburg are organising complementary programmes for pharmacists. The programmes is a 1-year university programme consists of courses containing knowledge you need in order to work in Sweden.


The complementary programme takes about one year and consists of courses taught via distance learning. The programme ends with a course in Swedish laws and regulations, and an internship at a pharmacy organised by the university. The programme will take longer to undergo than the aptitude test but offers more help and support.

When does the complementary programme start?

The complementary programme at Uppsala university is taught through distance, with ten compulsory days each semester in Uppsala and you can apply twice a year at the national application site You apply during spring to start in August and you apply in the fall to start in January. The complementary programme is also given once a year as campus based programme at University of Gothenburg.

Where does the complementary programme take place?

The complementary programme is a distance learning education and teaching is mostly web-based. A few times per semester, you have to come to Uppsala.

How do I apply for the complementary programme?

When applying for the complementary programme, the university does a separate evaluation of the documentation from your pharmacy education, more in detail and compared to the verification from The National Borad of Health and Welfare. The verification from The National Borad of Health and Welfare is therefor not useful for your application to the complementary programme and only necessary if you do the proficiency test. Please observe that the complementary programme is very popular and that the competition to be accepted is very hard.

More information in Swedish

Since a good level of Swedish is necessary, more detailed and updated information can be found on the the Swedish version of website.

Regarding payment for the university programme it depends on your situation here in Sweden. Read more about application and tuition fees.

Contact and more information

If you have you read the information on the web and still have questions about the proficiency test or complementary programme, you can contact us via email. This web page is continuously updated with the latest information.

Shima Momeni
Licenced pharmacist
Projekt manager for the complementary programme and proficiency test for foreign pharmacists

More information

Information from the National Board of Health and Welfare about personal identity number, residence permit and Swedish licence.