Proficiency test for pharmacists

Uppsala University has been commissioned by the National Board of Health and Welfare to be nationally responsible for conducting a proficiency test of pharmacists who have a foreign degree.

The purpose of the proficiency ​test is to ensure that the person has the knowledge, skills and abilities that corresponds to the requirements of the Swedish pharmacy degree in order to work as a licensed pharmacist in Sweden. The test is free of charge. Learn more about how the proficiency test is structured and how to apply for it.

Who can do the proficiency test?

First you need to have your degree verified through The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) where you should have received a decision to proceed to the proficiency test. Then you can apply for the test.

How can I prepare myself?

The test reflects the pharmacy programmes offered at Uppsala University and the level of approval is set to meet the requirements of the pharmacy degree. This means that good preparation is important.

For preparation, you will have access to examples of questions. There are also lists of recommended literature used on the Swedish pharmacist training.

What happens after the proficiency test?

After passing the test, Uppsala University reports the final results to the National Board of Health and Welfare. The Board then gives you information on the clinical training and the course in Swedish law and regulations you need to undergo. Read about the Board's system for applying for a licence to practice for pharmacists and prescriptionists.

If the test participant has failed three times in the theoretical test, twice on the practical test, or not implemented approved theoretical and practical tests within 24 months, Uppsala University will inform the National Board of Health and Welfare about it.

Contact and more information

If you have you read the information on the web and still have questions about the proficiency test or complementary programme, you can contact us via email. This web page is continuously updated with the latest information.

Shima Momeni
Licenced pharmacist
Projekt manager for the complementary programme and proficiency test for foreign pharmacists

More information

Information from the National Board of Health and Welfare about personal identity number, residence permit and Swedish licence.