PhD Studies

As a PhD student you have the opportunity to cultivate your interest in a particular area of research.

PhD Studies

Uppsala University's doctoral programmes are comprised of courses and a dissertation in which students carry out a unique and significant individual research project. The aim of the research project is to generate new knowledge on a subject of academic interest. 

Doctoral studies are also designed to provide students with deeper knowledge on the given subject, train their critical thinking skills, and give them the ability to identify important research issues. A doctoral degree is equivalent to four years of full-time study; however, after two years of studies students can graduate with a licentiate degree.

To be admitted as a doctoral student, candidates must:

  • fulfill the entry requirements
  • possess good English language skills
  • have the ability to cope with the programme

Please note, in many subject areas at Uppsala University, particularly within the social sciences, humanities and languages, there is a shortage of available doctoral positions. Therefore, competition is keen and very few positions become available.

Admission at doctoral level is handled by the respective departments.

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Health and parental insurance for doctoral students with stipends


Uppsala University provides insurance cover for doctoral students whose studies are funded through a stipend through an agreement with the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

The insurance shall apply when the doctoral student's stipend is reduced due to absence from studies in the case of illness or parental leave. The insurance consists of three parts:

- Sickness benefit
- Parental benefit
- Temporary parental benefit

Please note that illness, parental benefit or withdrawal of temporary parental benefit must be reported to Kammarkollegiet at no later than the day after the first day of sick leave, of parental benefit or withdrawal of temporary parental benefit.

Please note that international Ph.D. students are also covered by Uppsala University's group and personal insurance (GIF) that provides accident insurance around the clock.

More information about terms and conditions regarding insurance is available on Kammarkollegiet's website


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