Alumnus of the Year

Each year, Uppsala University awards the title of Alumnus of the Year to an alumnus or alumna who has made an outstanding contribution to their professional field, or has accomplished something else worthy of honouring. Nominations can be submitted by anyone with a connection to Uppsala University.

The award is announced every year in early October.

Alumnus of the Year – prevoius recipients

Previous recipients of the Uppsala University Alumnus of the Year award:

Trita Parsi Årets alumn 2016

Alumnus of the Year 2016: Trita Parsi, founder of the NIAC and political adviser

Niklas Zennström Årets alumn 2015

Alumnus of the Year 2015: Niklas Zennström, founder of several successful IT companies, including Skype, and today runs the investment company Atomico.

Berglins Årets Alumn 2014

Alumni of the Year 2014: Jan and Maria Berglin, comic artists

Petra Einarsson Årets alumn 2013

Alumna of the Year 2013: Petra Einarsson, Managing Director of Sandvik Materials Technology

Stefan Swartling Peterson Årets alumn 2012

Alumnus of the Year 2012: Stefan Swartling Peterson, Professor of Global Health

Alumnus of the Year 2010: Peter Englund, Author, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy (1 June 2009 – 31 May 2015)

Rules for the Alumnus of the Year award

Who can nominate for the Alumnus of the Year award?

Nominations can be made by anyone with a connection to Uppsala University: students, employees, alumni and friends.

Who is eligible for the Alumnus of the Year award?

The following criteria shall form the basis of the nomination:

  • The alumnus/alumna should be a good role model for current and future students.

  • The alumnus/alumna should have excelled in their career, made valuable contribution following the completion of their studies or otherwise have achieved something of note.  A valuable contribution may be, for example, research and education of the highest quality, an important cultural achievement, an active role in society, stimulated development and innovation or in some other way have contributed to making the world a better place.

  • The alumnus/alumna shall normally have studied at Uppsala University for at least four semesters.

  • It is considered a merit if the alumnus has been well connected to University operations or Uppsala student life.

Who selects the winner of the Alumnus of the Year award?

The decision of who is to receive the award is made by the Vice-Chancellor, after suggestions from the preparatory group which consists of:

  • the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (chair)
  • the Alumni Coordinator (secretary)
  • the Director of Communications
  • a representative of Uppsala University alumni associations
  • a representative of the Student Union
  • a representative of Kuratorskonventet