Alumni chapters and associations

Uppsala University has several international alumni chapters across the world. There are also many alumni associations connected with different subject areas or departments.

The alumni chapters and associations organize alumni days and reunions, as well as parties, mentorship programmes and in-service training – among other things.

By becoming a member in an alumni chapter or association you stay in touch with your University and your fellow students from your time in Uppsala. You will receive information about developments in your subject area and are given the opportunity to take part in the chapter’s or association’s events.

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All subject areas don’t yet have their own alumni association. If you find there is none for your subject area, get in touch with the Alumni Office and we can help you set up a new association.

Examples of Alumni Chapters and Associations

International chapters

Alumni associations

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • FEK Alumni
  • IM Alumn - Alumnföreningen för informatik och media
  • Uppsalajuristernas Alumnistiftelse
  • Uppsalafilosoferna
  • Psykologialumnerna
  • Alumnicus
  • The DPCR Alumni Association
  • Alumnföreningen för politicesstuderande i Uppsala
  • EDU alumn

Science and Technology

  • TEKNAT-alumner
  • AlumniX
  • MSD Alumni
  • The Department of Information Technology Alumni Group
  • Fysiklyft

Medicine and Pharmacy

  • Alumnföreningen Farmis
  • Uppsala sjuksköterskehem USH
  • Biomedicinarna
  • Alumnnätverket för magister studenter i klinisk farmaci
  • Föreningen för magister eller alumn med D-nivå i vårdvetenskap
  • IGP PhD alumni

University-wide associations

  • Royal Academic Orchestra
  • Uppsala studentradio alumnförening
  • Uppsala universitet – Campus Gotlands alumnförening