Uppsala University Global Alumni Day 2017

Join us!

We are calling on Uppsala University alumni from all around the world to join us on Tuesday, 7 November,  2017 to make Uppsala University history.

For the very first time, Uppsala University alumni across the globe will arrange alumni get-togethers in their hometowns on the same day and they would like you to join them. There are more than 60 events in over 40 countries to choose from and they are all organised by alumni volunteers.

This alumni-led initiative will seek to recognise and celebrate the growing Uppsala University alumni network. Come and meet fellow alumni and friends of Uppsala University! Reminisce and make new friends and connections in your own hometown.

The deadline is 29 October, but if you register by 10 October you will receive a little gift at the event. 

Full list of events and details

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the Global Alumni Day?

All Uppsala University alumni are welcome to organise and attend this event. This means everyone who has studied (no matter how much or little) or worked, or is working at Uppsala University. Also our honorary doctors, guest researchers, board members and others close to the University are regarded as alumni.

You can also participate if you are thinking about studying at Uppsala University in the future, if you are partner in a research project or other type of international collaboration project or just a friend of the university in general.

My city is not in the list, what can I do?

It was in these cities that someone raised their hand and volunteered to arrange a get-together when we sent out the call in June and July. It is now too late to add new cities to the list but if you want to organize an alumni event at some other time or on Global Alumni Day 2018, please contact the Alumni Office

What is the time and location for the event in my city?

What kind of event will be held in my city?

The details for most events are now available here. It is okay to cancel your registration if it later turns out that you are unable to attend.

What is the deadline for registering my participation?

The registration for participation ends on 29 October but everyone who registers by 10 October will receive a little gift from the university on the day of the event.

What does it cost to participate?

The cost of each event differs. Most events will be free or on a buy-your-own basis. Information about this will be sent out a few weeks after you register.

Can I share this invitation with my friends that are also alumni of Uppsala University?

Yes, please do share the word with your fellow Uppsala University alumni friends.

How can I share my experiences of the event on social media?



Twitter @UU_University

Instagram #uppsalauniversitet #uppsalauniversity

I am unable to attend this time but I wish to stay connected with Uppsala University and other alumni, what do I do?

Please make sure you are a member of the Alumni Network and don’t forget to add your postal address so that we can find you when we arrange events abroad.