Terms and conditions for Uppsala University Alumni Network

Who is it for?

The Uppsala University Alumni Network is a global group (comprising a database with an online interface) of former students, employees and previous employees. The Network is also open to honorary doctors, visiting researchers and other close friends of the University. It exists to facilitate and develop contacts between alumni, staff and students at Uppsala University.

We need to know more about you

We would like to know more about you, your work, your time at the University and your preferred way of staying in touch with us. By filling in the particulars in your personal profile, you enable us to contact you and you can get in touch with other alumni. The information is stored in our access-protected database in the University’s alumni system. The details are accessible only to Uppsala University, the alumni associations’ administrators and other alumni who have registered in the Network.

Personal Data Act

In line with the Act, we wish to inform you about how Uppsala University deals with your personal particulars. The purpose of the Swedish Personal Data Act is to protect people against the violation of their personal integrity by processing of personal data. A key element in this integrity protection is that the person to whom the particulars apply is informed about the processing that takes place. By submitting your details to the Uppsala University Alumni Network, you approve the University’s processing of your personal data.

Your details

Everyone who has completed degrees at Uppsala University is automatically entered in the alumni system. The data recorded are the person’s name, home address, education, degree and year of degree award. Information about former students relates to their period of studies at the University, and the facts are taken from the Swedish National Student Records Database, LADOK. Alumni’s registered places of residence are updated monthly with information from the Swedish Population Address Register Board’s (SPAR) register.

Who can see your details?

Particulars of your name, education, degree and study period are visible to all alumni. However, you can decide for yourself which other information you want other alumni to be able to see. As a state authority, Uppsala University is subject to the principle of public access to official documents and is, in some cases, obliged to provide information. At any time, you have the right to access the particulars about you in the database.

Personal ID number

Since we have so many alumni, we need your Swedish personal ID number for reliable identification when we verify that you are a former Uppsala University student, and also for automatic address updating through SPAR. Your personal ID number will not be visible to other alumni.


In order for the Uppsala University Alumni Network to be a pleasant service, all users must comply with approved ethical practice. We reserve the right to exclude members who do not comply with these guidelines or who otherwise misuse the website. Using the Alumni Network for recruitment purposes or to disseminate advertising is not permitted. We also reserve the right to remove offensive or discriminatory content that has been entered in the system.

Use of particulars

Staff in the University whose work involves developing contacts with alumni are entitled to take notes based on the contacts that Uppsala University has with you. Uppsala University also reserves the right to compile, for statistical purposes, summaries of the details you submit. This information will be used in de-identified form and therefore cannot be traced back to a particular person.


Uppsala University is a ‘controller of personal data’ under the Personal Data Act (‘A person who alone or together with others decides the purpose and means of processing personal data). Magnus Hallberg of the Legal Affairs Division is the University’s ‘personal data representative’ (‘A natural person, appointed by the controller of personal data, who shall independently assure that the personal data is processed in a correct and lawful manner’).

If you have any queries about the Alumni Network, you are welcome to contact us by telephone on+46-(0)18-471 30 33, email at or letter to:

Uppsala University
Development Office
Box 256
SE-751 05 Uppsala

Other information

Uppsala University’s Swedish corporate ID number is: 202100-2932.
Telephone (switchboard): +36-(0)18-471 00 00.