New goals and strategies for Uppsala University

2 December 2014

Uppsala University has now determined the direction of its future development. Last week, the University Board adopted a new Goals and Strategies document for the University.

The new Goals and Strategies document was drawn up in an extensive revision process. Staff, students and stakeholders inside and outside the University became involved in, and contributed to, the process.

‘Getting broad participation in discussions about the future has been important to us,’ says Uppsala University’s Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.

‘The hope is now that the new goals and strategies will inspire and guide the strategic discussion that goes on constantly within and among the disciplinary domains, faculties, departments and support units — and that they will simultaneously strengthen our sense that ours, in all its breadth and diversity, is a true university.’

The new document starts by defining the University’s fundamental values and function in society: to gain and convey knowledge for the benefit of humankind and for a better world. Uppsala University is a local, national and international hub of knowledge, culture and critical discourse, characterised by boundary-crossing collaboration, an integrated educational and research environment, and shared academic values.

Goals and strategies are formulated for each of the main document headings: ‘World-leading research’, ‘First-class education’ and ‘How we attain excellence and benefits’.

Some examples of long-term objectives:

  • The University will strengthen its position as an internationally leading research university.
  • The University will attract the most highly qualified researchers and teachers from all over the world.
  • The course programmes will be of top quality by national and international standards, and every student will be given the opportunity to gain first-class subject knowledge and overall proficiency.
  • Every student will be given the opportunity to acquire critical thinking skills, basic ethical principles and a scholarly approach.
  • Collaboration with the private, public and non-profit sectors will engage every part of the University and promote both the development of society and the vitality of the University.
  • The collegially based organisation must be well supported throughout the University and involve every employee.

The whole Goals and Strategies for Uppsala University document will shortly be available to download on this website.