WHO to collaborate with ReAct in fight against antibiotic resistance

22 March 2016

The Uppsala University-based network ReAct recently presented a so-called Toolbox developed to guide actors in curbing antimicrobial resistance at a WHO regional workshop in Morocco. WHO has decided to promote the tool.

Last year, WHO adopted a Global Action Plan on Antibiotic Resistance, and later that year, the global network ReAct released a so-called Toolbox, with advice and checklists for actors that wish to take action against antibiotic resistance. Now, WHO has decided to recommend it to any member states that are in the process of implementing their own national action plans.

The meeting in Morocco was arranged by WHO EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office), which includes 22 member states in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The participants are practicing medical workers and policymakers from a number of different organisations in the countries of the region. The main purpose of the meeting was to provide participants with tools for implementing their own national action plans, based on the action plan provided by WHO, in their respective countries.

‘We are very pleased that WHO will integrate the ReAct Toolbox in their work, and we are pleased to contribute to this workshop,’ said Anna Zorzet, Grant Manager and Coordinator, ReAct Europe.

The ReAct Toolbox is a web-based resource which gathers information, advice and checklists to be used in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

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