Uppsala to join new European university network

1 June 2016

Eight representatives of some of Europe’s most prominent universities gathered today in Brussels to form a network – the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities. The network is set to become an important force in the effort to strengthen research and education throughout Europe.

The Guild of European Research Intensive Universities is a network that counts Uppsala University among its initiators. Over the course of approximately one year, the University has participated in discussions on structures for collaboration with a dozen other prominent European universities.

The initiative stems from a need for the academic community to jointly address many of the societal challenges facing Europe and the world. Universities can play an important role in tackling the political, social, and scientific issues that we face today. If the European community, us included, is sincere in its desire to solve these questions, we must work together efficiently. The network will be a key factor in this mutual undertaking.

‘It is an important initiative which will see Uppsala University working together with other prominent European universities towards a common goal, particularly where EU policy is concerned. We need a stronger presence in Brussels, which this network is poised to give us’, says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.

Amongst the institutions that met in Brussels were the universities of Bologna, Glasgow, Göttingen, Groningen, Krakow (Jagiellonian) Oslo, Tübingen, Uppsala, and Warwick. Other members will be announced when the Guild is formally launched on 21 November 2016, an event that will also be held in Brussels.