Support facilities

Support facilities for collaborations at Uppsala University

The support facilities provide internal support, but also serve as interface points and intersections between the University and external organisations.

Examples of support facilities:

  • UU Innovation: A University-wide support unit working directly under the Vice-Chancellor, UU Innovation is tasked with fostering efficient application of knowledge to create value for the University and society at large. More on business and society
  • Uppsala University Holding Company (UU Holding AB): The commercial holding company of the University.
  • Division for Contract Education: Part of the University Administration, the Division for Contract Education provides executive contract education and training in conjunction with the various departments.
  • TekNat Collaboration: Provides external communication for the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology.
  • Division for Communication and External Relations: Provides strategic and operative support for internal and external communications, fundraising, alumni networks, official visits, and more.
  • Uppsala University Library: Provides broad informational expertise and support in questions concerning Open Access and publishing, also preserves a rich cultural heritage.
  • Uppsala University Culture and Heritage: Preserves and provides access to a rich cultural heritage.
  • EU coordinators and research funding coordinators: A support facility for researchers in a given disciplinary domain that offers overviews of different funding options, guidance through the application process as well administrative support for complex projects that regularly involve collaborations with other seats of learnings and external parties. Contact the relevant Faculty Offices