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Uppsala and US most popular among post-doc applicants

2 June 2010

A plurality of those seeking a position in Sweden want to come to Uppsala University. For those seeking scholarships for positions abroad, the US is the most attractive destination. Of 443 applications to the Swedish Research Council, 71 have been granted. The total amount of grant money is nearly SEK 202 million.

In the Swedish Research council’s spring posting of post-doctoral grants, 71 young researchers received funding. Two forms of funding were granted: Fellowships for employment at a Swedish institution of higher education and post-doctoral scholarships for working at a foreign university.

The most popular host institution for fellowships for employment in Sweden is Uppsala University. Lund University and the Karolinska Institute come next. Most post-doc scholarship grantees want to travel to the US. The step between the US and the second most popular country, the UK, is a large.

The approval ratio for post-doctoral scholarships abroad was 34 percent and for fellowships for post-doc employment in Sweden 7 percent.

For lists of approved applications, see the Swedish Research Council’s home page: A statistical compilation will be published early next week.