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Uppsala University ranked highly in world

18 August 2010

Uppsala University is highly ranked in the world. This is shown by this year’s edition of the prestigious Shanghai rankings. Uppsala is in 66th place among the world’s finest universities.

“This confirms that we are indeed a prominent university that can hold its own internationally,” says Kerstin Sahlin, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Uppsala University.

Every year Jiao Tong University in Shanghai ranks the world’s universities – the so-called Shanghai ranking. It is one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned rankings of higher education institutions. Some 12,000 universities in the world are ranked, and the top 500 are included on the list.

Three Swedish universities among the 100 best
The new list is topped as usual by the best-known US universities – Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, and MIT. The top 100 list includes 54 American universities, 11 British, and three Swedish universities.

Uppsala University has climbed to 66th place from 76th last year. The Karolinska Institute is in 42nd place and Stockholm University 79th.

“This ranking is important not least because so many people follow it, and this excellent placement brings us acclaim around the world,” says Kerstin  Sahlin.