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Individually tailored heart care within reach

15 June 2010

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death and lies behind the greatest number of emergency admissions to hospitals in Sweden. At Uppsala University, world-class research is underway that is leading to enhanced cardiovascular care around the world.

Recently scientists at Uppsala University published findings from two international studies, with more than 18,000 participating patients in several countries, in the respected medical journal New England Journal of Medicine. One of them deals with a new blood clot drug that increases survival and reduces the recurrence of heart attacks. The other article presents pioneering findings about a new drug for auricular fibrillation.

- This is a tablet treatment that enables us to prevent stroke and hemorrhaging without having to monitor the patient with constant blood samples, says the director of the studies, Lars Wallentin, a professor of cardiology at the Department of Medical Sciences and Uppsala Clinical Research Center, UCR.

Lars Wallentin was recently awarded the Rudbeck Medal at Uppsala University for his work in developing individually tailored treatments for acute cardiovascular diseases – work that has had an impact on routine healthcare around the world. Lars Wallentin is also going on to do research on individually tailored diagnostics and treatments for heart patients. For that purpose, the research team has also been awarded a major grant of SEK 15 million from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

- For patients, this may mean that their treatment will be more exact and that drugs can be adjusted for the best possible effect without unnecessary side effects, says Lars Wallentin.

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Cardiovascular research at Uppsala University
Cardiovascular research at Uppsala University is focused on understanding underlying causes, discovering new risk factors, and contributing to the development and testing of more individualized treatments with new drugs, catheters, and surgical procedures.

Uppsala Clinical Research Center, UCR, works in several clinical research areas, such as cardiovascular diseases, internal medicine, orthopedics, obstetrics, rheumatology, kidney diseases, physiology, odontology, nutrition, cancer, ear/nose/throat disorders, infectious diseases, and psychology.