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Uppsala University new member of network for collaboration with China

26 March 2011

Uppsala University recently became a member of a European university network in Beijing - European University Centre at Peking University (EUC) – that is to facilitate collaboration in education and research between Europe and China.

Peking University, together with some universities in Europe, has established a network for educational and research collaboration. Uppsala and Lund are the only Nordic members of the network. The network is intended to enhance opportunities for joint research projects and the development of courses at the basic, advanced, and research levels, as well as to increase student exchange between the European universities and Peking University. The ambition is also for the EUC to serve as a center for comparative research studies on Europe and China.

Uppsala University Vice Chancellor Anders Hallberg participated in the EUC annual meeting on March 21-22 in Beijing.

“We are delighted to have become part of this network,” says Anders Hallberg. “Participation in this network is entirely in line with our ambitions to establish collaborative activities in both education and research with Peking University and the other members of the network. The EUC is also of interest from a European point of view, as we can improve our possibilities of research collaboration with Chinese financiers.”

Besides Uppsala University and Lund University, participants are the universities of Thessaloniki, Madrid, Sorbonne, Dublin, Milan, Strasbourg, Vienna, Warsaw, and University College London.

For Uppsala University the EUC is an important tool to ease collaboration with Chinese students. Uppsala University has also already initiated contacts with Peking University in e.g. materials science, sustainable development, and literary studies.

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