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Times Higher Education ranks Uppsala among top 100

5 March 2013

The latest ranking of universities world-wide has been published by Times Higher Education - World Reputation Rankings 2013. Uppsala University is one of three Swedish universities among those regarded as the top 100 in the world.

Being known as a university with high quality and status can help attract top students and researchers. For the third time, Times Higher Education has presented a ranking based only on the reputations of different universities.

World Reputation Rankings is based on a different method than most other rankings. It is not created from data about the universities’ structures, achievements or quality, but instead a selected group of people’s views on different universities’ reputation and status. More than 16,000 researchers in almost 150 countries have been asked about which universities they perceive as being the best in the world.

As usual, Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley and Stanford top the list. Again three Swedish universities can be found among the top 100, though all three have moved down the list since last year:

  • Karolinska institutet, positioned in the 61–70 band
  • Lund University, positioned in the 91–100 band
  • Uppsala University, positioned in the 91–100 band

“We are always pleased when we are on the lists of the 100 leading universities”, says Uppsala University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg. “100 universities equals just a few thousands of the world’s universities, so all on that list are part of the global elite.”

“But obviously we aren’t completely satisfied when loosing positions in a ranking from one year to another. This particular ranking is a little different from most others, a little more like an opinion poll. This makes it more difficult to find out exactly what is causing any movements”, says Anders Malmberg.

The US dominates the list with all of 43 universities among the 100, and the UK also has a strong hold with nine universities. One pattern that has emerged in this year’s ranking is that a number of Asia’s leading universities have been given a stronger position.

“It is hardly surprising”, says Anders Malmberg. “Some Asian countries are investing heavily in research and higher education, which is positive. It broadens the academic world and increases global knowledge.”

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