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Scholarship holder in Hong Kong: ’An amazing opportunity’

20 November 2015

Jesper Karlsson is looking forward to networking, both personally and on behalf of Uppsala University.

The prospect of an international career is what appeals to Jesper Karlsson, student of Economics in Uppsala, and Uppsala University’s new scholarship holder in Hong Kong. He will move there in January for a year-long position at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, as well as alumni work. ‘I’m looking forward to doing some networking’, Jesper Karlsson says.

Jesper Karlsson is currently in the midst of his fourth semester of the Bachelor of Economics programme. Alongside his studies, he also works part-time and is heavily invested in the Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association, where he is chairman of the Sports Committee.

Now, he has been appointed the scholarship holder for Hong Kong 2016. The scholarship is funded by Uppsala University, and involves a year-long position at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

What was your reason for applying for the scholarship?

‘It’s an amazing opportunity to see the world and get to know Asia. I’m looking forward to networking, both personally and on behalf of Uppsala University. I am interested in working internationally, and I view all of Asia as one big market.’

Recruiting new alumni

In mid-January, he is set to travel to Hong Kong for a year-long stay there. He will be working three-quarter time for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The remaining quarter of his time will be devoted to the Uppsala University Alumni Chapter in Hong Kong, which was established a year ago.

‘I’ll be heavily involved in alumni events and the recruitment of new alumni—basically, taking over the reins after the current scholarship holder Anna Reibring’s tenure concludes’, Jesper Karlsson says.

‘It’s important to be present, to increase visibility and to find new alumni through detective work. I imagine it can be a bit tricky, so I think it’ll make for a fun challenge.’

A year of studies left

Upon returning to Uppsala in January 2017, more studies await, including the final year of his Bachelor of Economics programme.

With an international career in his sights, Jesper is looking forward to the new experiences that await him.

‘I’ve travelled in Asia and lived in New Zeeland, but I’ve never been to Hong Kong. I’m thrilled!’