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Uppsala student win ”European Youth Award 2015”

25 November 2015

Allen Ali Mohammadi, student at the Master Programme in Energy Technology, has together with his brother Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi, won the ”European Youth Award 2015” for their invention ”Complex Disease Detector”. They were selected as one of the 13 winners among candidates from 49 European Countries.

”Complex Disease Detector” is a decision support tool which helps screen and diagnose complex diseases such as heart disease and cancer at a significantly earlier stage. It´s a non-invasive method that utilizes artificial intelligence together with visualizing the clinically relevant data to help people discover the disease even if they have no obvious symptoms.

This innovation was also awarded ”Best Business Potential 2015” and ”UBIT Award” as an Outstanding Social Initiative with High Impact on the future of European Citizens.

In October the brothers also got the SKAPA-scholarship for development of the same innovation

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