Four new Wallenberg Academy Fellows to Uppsala University

3 December 2015

Wallenberg Academy Fellows is a career programme for promising young researchers of all disciplines. Four researchers have now been offered to become Wallenberg Academy Fellows at Uppsala University.

Natural Sciences

  • Monica Guica, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Peter Kasson, currently of the University of Virginia

Engineering Sciences

  • David Black-Schaffer, Department of Information Technology
  • Zhen Zhang, Department of Engineering Sciences

Read more about the researcher’s projects and the Wallenberg Academy Fellows at the KAW.

The programme Wallenberg Academy Fellows was established by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in cooperation with five learned academies and 16 Swedish universities. The universities nominate researchers for the programme, the academies evaluate the candidates and present the most promising researchers to the Foundation, which then makes the final selection. After this, the universities take long-term responsibility for the selected researchers’ activities. The programme is meant to ensure long-term funding for the selected researchers in order to allow for long-term scientific inquiries into difficult issues.