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Unauthorized work published in the University’s Acta Series

27 May 2009

The manuscript Textual Analysis of a Recovered Memory Trial Assisted by Computer Search for Keywords was not approved for publication by the Uppsala University series Acta - Uppsala Studies in Education.

The manuscript has not been reviewed either editorially or academically at Uppsala University and has therefore not been authorized for publication in any of the University’s series. The author is not and never has been employed at Uppsala University.
On his own initiative, without contacting the relevant department or the editor of the series, the author requisitioned that the University Office for Publishing and Graphic Services print the work. In communication with the Swedish Research Council the author has given the impression that he is associated with the Department of Education at Uppsala University.
It was not discovered that the book was being published until the printing was completed. Uppsala University has therefore asked the author to return the improperly printed copies and has tightened its routines in order to prevent future occurrences of this kind.
Contact: Lennart Wikander, e-mail: