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Collaboration agreement for enhanced competitiveness

9 December 2016

Uppsala University’s Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson and Pia Sandvik, CEO of Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), sign an agreement of intent for collaboration.

Uppsala University has signed an agreement of intent with Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), a network of Swedish research institutes. Competitiveness and growth will be strengthened through increased collaboration and partnerships between the university and industrial research institutes.

A cohesive innovation system is pivotal for being able to offer a globalised Swedish business community expertise that strengthens competitiveness and growth in various ways, from basic studies to development projects and commercialization. This will be facilitated through increased collaboration and partnerships between the university and industrial research institutes. Above all, it has proven to be easier for small and medium-sized companies to access the proper expertise via contact with research institutes rather than via direct contact with the university, while large companies have commonly established direct contact with the university.

The purpose of the agreement is to strengthen the national and international positions of Uppsala University and RISE within common research areas. The agreement will also contribute to linking education more closely to applied research and innovation systems and stimulating students’ contact with the business community and surrounding society.

RISE and Uppsala University have agreed on several areas that have excellent conditions for a deeper partnership:

  • Advanced facilities for technology development, production and testing (such as FREIA, the Ångström Workshop, UppTech)
  • Digital society/Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Energy with KIC InnoEnergy
  • Health field with EIT Health
  • Testbeds for biopharmaceuticals, IoT and culture heritage
  • Gotland partnership/Sustainable Gotland

Examples of partnership areas in the agreement include:

  • Seeking funding for and running joint research projects
  • Arranging seminars and workshops
  • Running and providing views on reports and preliminary studies
  • Participating in recruiting and supervising doctoral students
  • Participating in courses and programmes
  • Providing information about resources and research environments, including to financiers
  • Mutual participation on councils, boards etc.
  • Planning, using and co-funding expensive equipment

About RISE
RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden – is a network of research institutes which, in global cooperation with academia, enterprise and society, creates value, growth and competitiveness through research excellence and innovation.

RISE is the common brand for Swedish industrial research institutes. 16 institutes are currently included in RISE. The vision is to have Swedish research institutes that successfully compete on a global information market and that are internationally recognized for development and renewal of the Swedish business community. The institutes’ research and innovation operations will effectively contribute to sustainable growth in society.