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Four young Uppsala researchers to receive Ingvar Carlsson Award

13 April 2017

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has decided to award a total of SEK 16 million to four young postdocs at Uppsala University. The projects funded by the programme (12 in total) deal with proteins, cells and molecules as steps towards better diagnostics and treatments for diseases and new technology for better semiconductors and machine learning.

Every recipient is granted SEK 4 million and is awarded a personal grant of SEK 60,000. A leadership programme is also offered to the award recipients. Here are the winners at Uppsala University:

  • Erik Holmqvist, RNA–protein interactions in bacterial pathogens
  • Erik Jansson, Cell signalling and heterogeneity measured using mass spectrometry.
  • Fredrik Lindsten, Probabilistic models and methods for machine learning
  • Mikael Sellin, An ex vivo model of the infected intestinal mucosa

The Ingvar Carlsson Award is a research funding programme launched in 2004, named after Ingvar Carlsson, former chair of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. The main purpose of the programme is to support young, returning postdocs with the ambition to build an independent and innovative research activities in Sweden. This is the seventh round of grants being awarded.