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New alumni chapter founded in Switzerland

2 May 2017

In February, the foundations were laid for a new alumni chapter in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the sixth in Uppsala University’s family of international alumni chapters. We got the chance to ask chair Erik Naeser a few questions.

Please, tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up in Switzerland.

“I am a native ‘Uppsalian’ with an interest in oceans and water, who has had the honour of combining interesting pharmaceutical studies at Uppsala University with a resounding commitment to the Hornboskapen student orchestra at Snerikes student nation. My various voluntary commitments have continued to combine with the maritime and pharmaceutical aspects of my profession. All of this together resulted in me having the honour, since nearly seven years back, of living and working in Switzerland.”

What are your thoughts on the recently founded alumni chapter?

“I think it is great that the Uppsala University Switzerland Alumni Chapter (UUSAC) has sprung from the Swiss soils to enrich us all, both alumni and friends of Uppsala University, with interesting events where we can meet, have the opportunity to network and lift and share the knowledge and happy memories we have from our time at Uppsala University – or wish to share with others who have not yet had the same opportunity. To me it was natural to immediately after the founding expand our recruitment area to also include all our alumni colleagues living in Liechtenstein.

Which activities do you currently have planned?

“On 10 May, starting at 18:00, Uppsala University alumni and friends will celebrate the UUSAC’s founding with a relaxed after work meetup. If you are in Zürich that evening, do come along to the Goethe Bar, Sechseläutenplatz 10, 8001 Zürich.”

“Then in June we will hold our first ‘gasque’ to celebrate the founding of the UUSAC. Here, Uppsala University alumni, together with a friend or partner, will have the opportunity to gather for the warm tradition of an Uppsala gasque.”

“For September we are working on an interesting lecture event together with the Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce. This event is planned to be held in Geneva and will offer both interesting lectures and the opportunity to network.”

“In November we aim to hold our first annual meeting. We intend to hold the meeting in Bern to make it a little more accessible.”

“Further down the road we also plan interesting events with universities and other institutions here in Switzerland to create opportunities to meet and share each others knowledge, forge new contacts and further a continued beneficial exchange – for instance through researcher and student exchanges.”

If you are an Uppsala University alumnus or alumna in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, make sure to register as a member of the Uppsala University Switzerland Alumni Chapter through the Alumni Network – then you will be sure to receive the latest information about UUSAC activities. If you have thoughts or ideas regarding what you would like to get from your membership in the UUSAC, please contact